How to Find Time to Eat Healthy

The question is: how can I eat healthier long term AND stick to something when I don’t have enough time to shop, cook and prepare healthy meals?

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We actually love this question about TIME because eating healthy on a time budget is one of our specialties. So, first, it is definitely doable to consistently eat healthy even if you are short on time. But we also dive into other ways to save time, and we want to share some of these strategies with you today:


  1. Find time pockets (rescue time) – look throughout your day and determine where you can save time. We suggest you track your time for three days, and see where your time is going. This helps awareness and will help you see if you are using time efficiently.
  2. Start saying NO. Women are notorious caregivers – which is great – but it also means many women say YES to everything. Guard your time. Think about priorities! Let go of things that do not bring you joy. This will also open up time pockets.
  3. Put your phone down for a set time. Do not check it during this period. This frees up your time immensely. 
  4. Have an arsenal of healthy “fast foods” and recipes. In addition to frozen fruits and veggies, which we hope you always have in your freezer, one of our favorite go-to’s is burgers – hilary burgers, (freezer 
  5. Order your groceries online. It is more popular now and saves you the time from driving there, and walking throughout the store picking out items.


And we have lots of other ways to help our clients take the busy excuse out of the equation, that you can view on our website!

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Jane and Stephanie, creators of The Simply Nourished Solution™, are nutritionists who help women over 50 go from overweight, frustrated, and inflamed to lighter and healthier so they can be more active, feel good in their bodies, and live the second half of life with energy and confidence. Their 3-pronged approach, which can fit into any lifestyle, encompasses not only wholesome energizing foods but powerful habit and mindset shifts.


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