Don’t you love recipes that lend themselves to be eaten any time of day? This BLD casserole gets its name because it works for really any meal – including breakfast, lunch or dinner. Actually, I even found myself snacking on it, so there you go.

The most beautiful thing about this recipe, aside from its gorgeous colors and stellar nutrition profile, is HOW the sweet potatoes are used in the dish. Grated sweet potatoes resemble shredded cheese so much you almost feel like that is what they taste like . . . well almost.

Packed with protein from the turkey/sausage and eggs, you also get your veggies in with the spinach and sweet potatoes which deliver a multitude of vitamins (B’s, C, and beta carotene) and minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium), PLUS fiber. And you gotta love the all-in-one factor.

Finally, this dish is FUN to make. Seriously. Think of it like a mini art project. Layer the colorful goodies and bake till golden. Eat (don’t forget to savor every bite). Wipe lips. Smile. Sigh.

The B.L.D. Sweet Potato Casserole recipe can be found right HERE.

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