We are always looking for creative ways to help our clients. We love little tricks and shortcuts that are simple to remember and easy to follow through on.

The other day, after chatting with a client about a few of our favorite eating strategies, it dawned on us that there was a common theme involving the number 20.

If you find you tend to overeat at meals, here is an exercise for you. Practice this for a few days and see what you discover:

1. Start off with a plate that is at least 20% smaller than your normal dinner plate. To take it a step further, fill it half with veggies.

2. Chew your food at LEAST 20 times per bite. Chewing well is KEY to slowing down and digesting well. 

3. Aim to make your meal last 15-20 minutes. 

4. After eating your first portion, sit back and wait at least 5 minutes before going back for more food to see if you are really hungry.

5. If you do go back for more food, only fill up your plate 20%.

We have since aptly named it our 20-20 rule (perfect for this new decade 😉):

It does take the body about 20 minutes to register fullness, so by eating slowly you allow your fullness hormones to catch up to your brain. In addition, by giving yourself a bit of breathing room after eating a meal, you can more accurately determine if your body truly requires more food. 

We have found these portion control strategies to be the perfect combo and can be a huge help to minimize overeating. And you can check out more good info on appetite and hormones HERE.

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