When talking about how to make long term changes that stick, one of the concepts we love to share with clients is to view your body like a garden.

In order for a garden to flourish, it’s important not only to plant plenty of seeds, but also to pull out the weeds so they don’t strangle the growing seedlings.

In our analogy, the seeds are your healthy foods/habits and the weeds are your unhealthy foods/habits.

Here are some examples of what we mean: 

• snack too much at night after dinner
• hit the cookie jar mid afternoon
• diet soda habit
• (too many) glasses of wine with dinner
• lack of variety at meals

• always eat a healthy breakfast
• get a couple veggie servings at dinner
• exercise regularly
• use smaller plates for portion control

A great exercise is to make a list of your own personal weeds and seeds. First, congratulate yourself on what you are doing well from your seeds list! Then, look at your list of weeds.

To keep it simple, pick one or two weeds to focus on (or “pull”) and go from there. And keep planting seeds! The more your garden grows, the more the weeds get crowded out. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your goal is NOT to have a weed-less garden. You can still have a bountiful, robust, beautiful garden despite a few weeds.

Translation: You can still have a healthy, well nourished, vibrant body without “perfection.”

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