Here’s a little midlife 101 fact: When women hit perimenopause, not only does our overall amount of estrogen begin to decline, but instead of estrogen being produced in the ovaries, the majority is now produced in our adrenal glands.

So basically, the ovaries hand over the job to the adrenals. It’s kind of like when companies downsize and they ask the remaining employees to take over the extra work from those who were let go. Well that’s your adrenals in menopause!

The problem is, our adrenals are already doing a lot of work. They produce hormones which regulate things like blood pressure, cardiovascular function, immune response and inflammation.

In addition, the adrenals are intricately involved in regulating our blood sugar, and how we convert fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to energy. This has a direct effect on our cravings.

What we need to do is take this into account and give our adrenals some TLC – and we can do this by lightning their load.

Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes within our control that we can do to support our adrenals and in turn, ease cravings.

We share these tips and more in our YouTube video that you can access right HERE. Leave a comment and let us know if any of these tips resonate with you. Enjoy!