Missing bread? Try our cinnamon almond breakfast treat

Limiting or avoiding bread CAN be challenging for anyone. Especially when it comes to breakfast. Who doesn’t love a great piece of toast smeared with some good butter and jam?

But if you need to steer clear of gluten, there are not many tasty or nutritious options out there. That’s why Stephanie and I love it when we come across a good recipe that can satisfy your “bready” cravings, whether it be alongside a couple of farm fresh eggs or just on its own, topped with something tasty (see suggestions below). Mind you, this version is not really for sandwich, but more for a quick grab-and-go breakfast or snack.

This is one of our favorite easy recipes you can make in no time flat. In fact, we suggest doubling the recipe so you can have extra on hand. See note for how to modify to make the bread higher protein. Also, adding ginger and lemon makes this really special, though the recipe is great without them as well.

Cinnamon Almond Bread Recipe HERE.

  • Serve warm from the oven with ghee
  • Top with a tablespoon of almond butter and some sliced banana or sliced strawberries
  • Smear on a couple tablespoons of ripe avocado

Bon appetite!

stephanie goodman and jane schwartz


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